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Sehen/Zeigen Kanji by AbstractWater
Sehen/Zeigen Kanji
Eigentlich hat es keine Strichfolge, aber noch, mach so wie ich euch zeige;

1) Wie ’日’, mach ein Rechteck wie im Bild es gab.
2) Dazwischen ein '='
3) Am untersten, die letzte Linie.
4) Unter alles, ein 'J' & 'U' neben einander.
Fertig! :happybounce:
'Seeing' Kanji by AbstractWater
'Seeing' Kanji
This actually has no particular stroke order, but do it this way anyway. Steps-:
1) Like '日’, draw a rectangle like shown
2) Draw an '=' sign in between
3) End your rectangle. It should look like an ice cream bar.
4) Draw a 'J' and a 'U' simultaneously below. Finished! :happybounce:
こんにちは、みんなさん。 :yawnstretch: おげんきですか、あなたは? 今日のじゅぎょうはあまり小さいです。。。。楽しいですか?

あなtのたみにこれはとてもやさしいですね。。。。:nod: :aww:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Diese Partikel hier muss man als 'eh' aussprechen, NICHT 'hey'; weil es wirklich schwierig wir beim Sagen sonst.

Bist du bereit? Brauchst du Beweis? Dann sag....

毎日わたしは図書館(fr:とーしょーかん)へいきます。 :library: Ich gehe zur Bibliothek jeden Tag.

学校へ行きません。 :iconschoolplz: Ich gehe zur Schule nicht.

かれはぜんぜんじゅくへいきます。 :icongermanyfacepalmplz: Er geht niemals zur Nachhilfeschule.

Kannst du noch atmen? :giggle: Schön, gehen wir zum nächstem Teil! :iconsuperlaplz:


was ich meinte; ’へ’ zeigt man ob man je nach einem Ort geht oder kommt.

林へくる、おねがい。 :icontreesplz: Komm zu dem Wald, bitte.

あの外人は富士山(fr:ふじーさん)へ行きました。 :iconmountainplz: Jene Ausländer ging nach Mt. Fuji.

夜(fr:よーる)に太陽(fr:たいーよ)はくもへいきます。 :iconcloudsplz: An der Nacht geht die Sonne zu den Wolken.

:#1: ’へ’ ist die Partikel die zeigt uns ob man nach einem Ort geht oder kommt. Sie liegt immer hinter dem Wort. :#1:

Wie schön! :love:

Hmmm..... ja, vorbei! Zusammenfassung-:
:bulletblue: ’へ’=粒子。 Ausspricht 'eh' hier.
:bulletblue: Es zeigt man ob man nach 'nem Ort geht oder kommt.
:bulletblue: Satzstellung-:

灰、これで終わります!:iconyaayplz: 楽しむ! :wave:
みんなさん、おはよう!:yawnstretch: 灰、ここに朝です;インドに! Today, we learn an easy particle; and in turn; I'll keep this as short as I can! あまり小さい。わかる?


<div align= center :w00t::w00t:
:clap: :clap: :clap:

 行く。 Enough said. Or maybe even くる。 Yeah, probably :nod: So this particle へ is to be pronounced as 'eh'; NOT 'hay.' Why?

Try saying this-:

私はいまくうこうへ行きます。 :iconplaneplz:

OR this-:

じてんしゃやへ生きます。 :iconbuildingplz:


けっこんのためにけにちーさんと私はスイスへ行きます。 :iconyayswitzerlandplz:

Now, as I let you regain your breath, I think you've learned ;p.

へis a destination indicator; this tells you that someone is GOING/ COMING somewhere.

あなたのいえへいきます。 :iconhouseplz: I go to your house.

がっこうへいく! :iconschoolplz: Go to school!

私は恋人*の居酒屋(fr:いーざーかーや)へ行きました. :iconteaplz: I went to my lover's izakaya.

*恋人(fr:こいーびと- Puppy love girlfriend/boyfriend. It's more of an adolescent exciting love.
愛人(fr:あいーじん)- Serious love. Used for affairs, lovers and 'mature love.'

:#1: へ is used to indicate that the speaker/subject is GOING somewhere or COMING to a place. :#1:

For this reason, you cannot ’を行くor をくる’ Because it looks illegible as hell and is wrong :hmm:

For coming somewhere, I actually know very little; I've never really used this...

私は花やへきます。 :iconflowerplz: I come to the florist.

林へいくる、おねがい! :iconwoodsplz: Come to the forest, please!

3:00ごごにこうえんへくる、おねがい。 :iconswingplz: Come to the park at 3:00 pm, please.

Yeah.... that's it. Summary;
:bulletblue: へは日本語の粒子です。これは私たちを見せる、人々はどこがいきます。
:bulletblue: ’へ’は ’行く’、と’くる’のためにべんりなです。
:bulletblue: Sentence structure-:
(depends on tenses)

そう、これで終わります!:iconyaayplz: 楽しむ! :wave:
Let me be completely honest here; I adore children! I plan to adopt baby girls /or maybe have one; who cares- I want girls! :love:  and I am kinda child-worshipper ^^; and I'm okay with it. Now since I am the complete opposite of you, I want to know a few things from the figurative 'horses' mouth' itself. I want to know how your minds work, mainly so that we can all get along a little better :airborne:

:eager: Just so you know, I don't want to hurt anybody, so if this will not suit you, feel free to say so/ quit. :eager:

Rules are the same as last time (those who remember the previous one :aww: )

So, here goes.....

1) When did you get in touch with the fact that you were happiest childfree? A priori(inborn, always there) or a posteriori (after an experience)

2) Can somebody please explain to me how once can stay childfree and still love children? Just an outline; I'm curious. (not malicious :wow: )

3) This will be hard-hitting, but ? I mean 'child cannibalism' jokes, murder, and the worst types 'Anything to do with Fritzl' Whoever doesn't know him.... Look up on google. Or maybe do not. It'll horrify you! :fear: Somebody actually said she deserved it for being such a bratty kid. Where is the humanity??

4) A surprising lot of you want to adopt. Does that mean that childbearing is the only problem?

5) Is it culturally related? Don't find that many here, but yes; I know one.

6) What are the common reasons?

Phew! I'm glad I got this off my chest! :phew: I apologize if it hurt anybody, but I just had to know! :shakefist: Honestly, if it were my way; I'd make everybody love their kids and never forsake them or hurt them, but in a way, i understand. Nobody should be forced to do something their heart clearly is not in. :no: But, you know yourself best, so... go ahead! As a friend/ internet acquaintance, I'll try and support anything healthy (in my ethic range) that I can. To quote my favorite Youtube group, AIB;

"I many not agree with what you say, but you can say it anyway."

Voltaire did not say the original, btw. :#1:

Or if all else fails, we can always try the foolproof method of avoidance. Live and let live! "headbang:
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