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Hey guys! I was tooooo tired to write! :yawn: Did you miss me? :aww: Well, I hope you did :blush: Few things scattered here and there, so yeah, I was busy....

BUT NOW I HAVE SUMMER VACATION!!!! :squee: 4 month duration.... can Americans tell me how it's like for them? Thanks.

Back to the lesson, I last told you about いーけいようし; the adjectives ending in  'い' and now you also know about declension... prepare to be impressed, planet! :iconsuperlaplz: There is another type of けいようし which is MUCH easier, trust me! :phew: These.... end with ’な’

There are only two types, and this is the last one! How cool is that?? :wow:

Here it comes.... :clap: :clap:
:iconcuteicondividerplz: :iconcuteicondividerplz: :iconcuteicondividerplz:

ーな けいようし(Adjectives ending in な)
しんせつな- kind :aww:
しずかな- calm/quiet :meditate:
べんりな- convenient :woohoo:
きれいな- clean/beautiful :flirty:
すきな- like :nod:
きらいな- dislike :no:
たいせつな- important :faint:
ような- like**

** :oops: Okay, there is a HUGE difference between 'すきな' 'ような';
かのじょはおもちゃがすきです。 :icondollplz: She likes toys

あかちゃんのようなをなきます。 :iconbabyplz: I cry like a baby.

すきな- Facebook-style like
ような- Comparison/valley girl speech like

With that settled... we have more :salute:

Declining なーけいようし
The word is called 'declining'; using declension for an adjective. Sigh, English :facepalm:

Okay, for negating sentences, easy as :iconpiesplz: !
Take this sentence-:
きょうはしずかなです :iconcloudsplz: It is calm today.

If it's stormy outside; say...
きょうはしずかではありません! :iconthunderplz:

Easy, right? :D Just write ではありません like normal. A light, easy moment! :B

Which is EXACTLY why there are different ways of saying the SAME sentence.... :nuu:

WTF am I talking about? :shrug:
:iconcolorheartsplz: :iconcolorheartsplz: WTF I am talking about :iconcolorheartsplz::iconcolorheartsplz:
So you see, with なーけいようし; we cannot just slap the adjective anywhere we want to; mainly because it sounds stupid & being the laughing stock sucks. This is why you cannot say this-:

あのすしはおいしいでした (Correct form-: あのすしはおいしかったです。) :iconsushiplz:

これはきれいなたたみです。 :iconmatplz:
This seems incredibly pointless, right? :shakefist: So it seems... but seriously, I leave it to you; say the sentence right above thrice without tiring yourself. I dare you! :x

Done? I thought so...

Why the bold sentence is absolutely wrong-:
A- It's tiring as hell to speak it
B- The subject and adjective are not in agreement.

B happens because of A. It's called causation!, :idea: What B means is that ’これ’ & ’きれいな’ are just not compatible; like fire and ice or psychic-types and dark-types. Yeah, I love Pokemon :giggle: How to correctly say said sentence; there are 2 ways-:

これはきれいたたみですね!- This is a freaking beautiful mat! :squee:

このたたみはきれいなです!- This mat is beautiful.

:#1: The adjective is in correspondence with the subject always.’The adjective will always end in 'な’ if the subject is これ、それ、あれ and if it is この、その、あの; delete 'な’ :#1:

This requires a little practice ^^;
由紀子さんはきれいなです。 :iconsnowplz: Miss Yukiko is pretty.

満ちるくんと美代子ちゃんは小さなです。 :iconbabyplz: Michiru and Miyoko are small.

桜ちゃんはしずかしょうじょです。 Sakura is a quiet girl.

Okay, I'll simplify for you :) Every time the adjective is BEFORE the noun, add 'な’; if there is NO noun, do not write 'な’.

:#1: If adjective is BEFORE noun, 'な’. If NOT, no 'な’ :#1:

That logic is used for これ and この. この always precedes a noun saying what is is, but これ is more direct; it explains succinctly what said thing is.

Past and its negation
:iconwhiteroseplz: :iconwhiteroseplz: :iconwhiteroseplz: :iconwhiteroseplz: :iconwhiteroseplz:
Now that we know how to express ourselves in successfully calling out bullshit. we can now pat ourselves in the backs- we're awesome! :woohoo: But what about complex stuff, like memories; old flames, good old days, hell even what you ate for last night! Who wouldn't want to reminisce :iconromanticplz:
Question- how? Well...

いつ私はこどもでした、おかしはたいせつなでした :iconcandyplz: Means- When I was a kid, sweets were important.

If only :D But still, just like any normal sentence, just add でした after the adjective. Done :highfive:

Now what if what you said was utter bullshit and your significant other just barges in with his/her/their story? Well...

Long story short, they weren't! :facepalm:

So yeah, just that. Add ではありません before でした. That was a real breather, wasn't it? :airborne:

So... we're finished! :iconyaayplz: Summary-:
:bulletgreen: なーけいようし is the 2nd type of adjectives in Japanese. It varies based on whether nouns are there or not. If there is a noun, ’な’; if none, do not write ’な’. Like suffixes
:bulletgreen: Sentence structure for above-:
これ、それ、あれーはーAdjective withなーです。
この、その、あのーSubject-はーAdjective withoutなーです。
:bulletgreen:Sentence structure otherwise-:
Subject-はーAdjective withoutなーです。
Subject/PronounはーAdjective withなーNounーです。
:bulletgreen: Negation of present sentence-:
:bulletgreen: Past tense-:
:bulletgreen:  Past negation (disproving former bullshit)

Phew! I wish it wasn't so long... but you guys are smart enough to figure it out! :iconyaayplz: Have fun! :headbang:

Long Adoring Note

Fri Mar 20, 2015, 6:54 AM by AbstractWater:iconabstractwater:
Dear my watchers and public,

I want you to know a few things right now.  Having stayed on this site for 3 years, since I was 15; I really feel proud to be part of this place. :happybounce: How I got here? It all started with staring at Pokemon pics. And there were SO many talented artists who I felt deserved so much praise. At first I resisted, but then I agreed to self; i must join this 'deviantart' website. And you know what? I haven't regretted it a bit! :dalove:

By far, one of my BEST decisions of my life! I me some people online who proved to me that the Internet can also be awesome. I made cool friends, and learned a lot. Complete strangers have stuck up for me when trolls pissed me off; and I got the favour in return when I least expected it ( :iconthe-insane-puppeteer: Thanks so much for the premium membership gift you gave me! I still remember it to this day :love: )

I heard a lot of shit about this place online- saying it was laden with deranged perverts.... well I sure am blessed then, not having met any ;) Thank you guys so much for being so awesome! I hope you guys stay awesome, and I'll send you my love somehow. :) You'd be so damn surprised, how much small gestures would help; from wishing on birthdays to telling someone you care; damn right you'd be! :iconhappytearsplz:

It's because of you guys that I am so intensely into photography, or that I draw; just to feel glad that both you and I can be happy seeing new stuff each day. Relax! I'm not leaving! :ohnoes:

Just thought of doing this now :aww:

So, good luck with everything and God/Goddess/Science bless you! :innocent: :iconsweethugplz:



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