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Mein Gott, das würde lang werden! :phew: Hallo, Leute! Es tut mir Leid; aber dieser Tutoren wird lang sein, denn es geht alle um Nummern in Japanisch! :dance:

:iconcuteicondividerplz: Japanische Nummern:iconcuteicondividerplz:

Die erste 10 sind da-: :bow:

いち- 1
に- 2
さん- 3
し、よん*- 4
ご- 5
ろく- 6
しち、なな**- 7
はち- 8
きゅう- 9
じゅう- 10

Da, fertig! Einfach, nein :D :dance:

Ach, aber..... :blush:
*- Für nummern großer als 10, wie 14, 24, usw. man muss nur よん anwenden; als 994 ist きゅうひゃくーきゅうじゅうーよん、 NICHT  し! :eager:
**- Für nummern großer als 10, wie 37, 87, usw. man soll nur なな benützen wie ich stand so vor. :#1:

Ja, manchmal Fremdsprachen kann wirklich uns verarschen. Wahr, ich stimme auch so :iconcomfortplz:

Für Nummern großer als 10, man spricht sie als so-:

Vorstellen dich das als eine Rezepte-:
1- Ein Nummer> 10, irgendwas du willst
2- 10 (Nummer)

1- Nimm じゅう als das erste Nummer
2- Nimm das Nummer dass du hast vorgestellt, und sieh die Letzte (ich meinte- wenn du über 16 denkt, dann nimm 6- ろく)
3- Nach じゅう, schreib ろく! Fertig! :iconcheerplz:

Aber jedes Nummer nach 10 benützt dieses Verfahren. :shifty:

Nach 10


にじゅう- 20
さんじゅ- 30
よんじゅう- 40
ごじゅう- 50
ろくじゅう- 60
ななじゅう- 70
はちじゅう- 80
きゅじゅう- 90
ひゃく- 100

Nach 100
にひゃく- 200
さんびゃく- 300
よんひゃく- 400
ごひゃく- 500
ろっぴゃく- 600
ななひゃく- 700
はっぴゃく- 800
くひゃく- 900
せん- 1000

Nach 1000

にせん- 2000
さんぜん- 3000
よんせん- 4000
ごせん- 5000
ろくせん- 6000
ななせん- 7000
はっせん- 8000
きゅうせん- 9000
いちまん- 10000

Nach 10000
にまん- 20000
さんばん- 30000
よんまん- 40000
ごまん- 50000
ろくまん- 60000
ななまん- 70000
はちまん- 80000
きゅうまん- 90000
じゅまん- 100,000

Davon geht sie so.... Man benützt sie für Geld zu zählen, und ja, steht es mehr.... viel mehr..... :O_o: :iconevillaughterplz:

Ah, wir sind fast damit vorbei! :iconyaayplz: Nur ein Zusammenfassung-:
:#1: Für Nummern mit 7 oder 4, aber ist großer als 10, schreib/sag es als よん oder なな. :#1:
:#1: Für ganze Nummer großer als 10, schreib die Vielfache von 10, und dann die Letzte Nummer :#1:

Ah, so kommt das Ende. Viel Spaß dabei, und bitte habe keine Sorgen! :wave:
This will be one of the shortest lessons ever! :highfive: :dance:

So today I want to give you a couple of REALLY useful tidbits about the language, that will help you immensely, or so I think :nod: Let's start with #1-:

:iconbluerose1plz: Prolonged Pronunciation :iconbluerose1plz:
Read these words-: :B


</b> Notice that there is a vowel after every first syllable? :sherlock: That is the extra vowel we add for prolonged pronunciation. mostly う and お; but yes, it exists. Pronounce it completely, not just '-u' but '-oo'. You get my drift, right? :)

Now here's the question of contention- where the heck do we use it? This relies completely on listening skills; hell even I don't know this! :shakefist: Like, read these 2 words-:


They are different! The first uses a short vowel like 'oh' and the next like 'ohhhh'. And when any -お ending syllable+う - like an 'ohhhh!' sound, like if you just solve a mystery or something; or see a hot lady/man (phwooar!) like that =p

:iconredroseplz::iconredroseplz: Small つ:iconredroseplz::iconredroseplz:
Try and read these Japanese words-: :B

</b> Confused? Read the transliterations in English-:

Adding a small つ next to the letter means you have to stress on the consonant part BEFORE it; and pronounce it double. Like-:

 はっせき- Ha-SSE-ki
みっか- Mi-K-ka
しゅっせき- Shu-SSE-ki.

Got it? :D

:iconpinkrose1plz:おんよみ and くんよみー The deal:iconpinkrose1plz:

I told this in the Kanji tutorials, I'll say it again.-:
おんよみー The Chinese pronunciation of the Kanji
くんよみー The new, modern Japanese way of pronouncing Kanji.

Now you guys are thinking, maybe- WTF must I learn all this?! Well, it's kinda because they use both forms in different words. I'll cite you an example-:

噴水 (ふんーすい) Means fountain. The second Kanji usage is おんよみ
日本 (にーほん) Japanese name for Japan. Both are おんよみ

Oh another thing, just because it is おんよみ, does NOT mean you've mastered Chinese! Why....?

:iconwhiteroseplz:Why おんよみ is not Chinese :iconwhiteroseplz:
Let's face it, Japanese ripped off Chinese Kanji. Must be cause the latter's influence is overwhelmingly huge (they did conquer quite a bit of Asia) Well, I like Hiragana more; it's awesome! (even if its origins are sexist :shifty: )

Now when the Japanese borrowed the style, they added thier own twists in the おんよみ. Proof is right here!

外人 Pronounced Gai-jin in Japanese. Both are おんよみ.
外人 Pronounced Wai-hren in Chinese (I don't know which one :? )

美 Japanese- pronounced 'bee'
美 Chinese- pronounced 'mei'

Hell, even the word for Kanji is different! :eager:
汉字- Hanzi
漢字- Kanji (pronunciation)

Settles everything! Peeace! :headbang:
Okay, I did say that I will do other stuff for this, right? ;p Okay, I figured more etymology, so... here goes!

More names :clap: :bow:


1- Schneider- Cutter :fear: Actually could mean butcher in this case because schneiden= cut.
2- Schreiber- Scribe, not writer; because schreiben= write, but it is taken in the literal sense; I say stuff, you follow :shakefist:
3- Regan- Ahh, the quintessential! Blush Flirtatious Regan comes from the word 'Regen'' which means.... rain! How blessed are we! :happybounce:
4- -feld. This suffix means 'Field' and can be virtually anything w00t!

Kornfeld- Corn field
Catterfeld- Surname of famous and awesome German singer Yvonne Catterfeld.Worship  Other than that, I have no idea. :shrug: :no:

5- Fischer- Fisherman. (fisch= fish; er= doer) TrophyChew 
6- Braun= Brown (braune Augen= brown eyes) Yes, it is a colour. See! This is why before picking a name... THINK!!!! Bleh Disbelief 
7- Weiß (pronounced weiss)- White (weiße Rose= white rose) Also a colour. :stinkeye:
8- Koch (Americans know these guys)- Cook/chef. Americans might know the Koch brothers, right? Their lineage is that of chefs.
9- Meine (Scorpions band member)- That's his surname. It means 'mine'. Weird Oops!
10- Stern- Believe it or not; it means.... STAR!! :stars:
11- Morgan- Comes from 'Morgen' which means 'morning'. So yes, Morgan Freeman's name means morning. Morning of the Freemen... nice Airborne
12- Brennan- Surname derived from German word 'brennen' which means 'to burn'.
13- Brent- Also comes from word 'brennen'. This word means 'burns'. So if someone had a name like Brent Lieberman it means 'the burning lover man' Not bad, eh? =p

そら- Sky
ーたち- Suffix which means with; eg-: Watashitachi = us. Yukiko-san tachi= Yukiko and friends/family/others
ゆきの- Of the snow
ゆきこ- child of the snow
あきの- Of autumn
あきこ- Child of winter
はるこ- Child of spring
はるの- Of the spring. Translating Sakura Haruno's full name (春の桜- Cherry blossom of the spring.) As you know; there are tons of them in spring; so it can be a hint at her being very ordinary. Sakura haters rejoice ;p Yet they come only 2 weeks a year, their finest. Could this mean something?Oops!
博之- This translates as 'Hiroyuki' It means 'person who is full of happiness' I couldn't agree more (self-inserted inside joke. You will never know! :evillaughter: )

Stella- Star

1- De-something- Means of some place, just like 'von' Eg-: De Marche- From the market. Not a real surname, but whatever.
2- De La something- Same as above, only for a girly place. (la= female version)
3- Maison- Means 'house'. Probably the word from where 'mason' comes from; that's why I added this. :hmm:
4- Ciel- Sky (arc de ciel= rainbow) Black butler fans, anyone?

Eh, this is it, I guess. Sorry :|

Anyway, as a bonus feature.... I had this in me for years!I love deviantART! I kinda am obsessed with etymology because well... I love names and languages. So I kinda noticed a pattern in European languages about how common their commonest names are; so I decided to make a table of my observations... :sherlock:

Firstly I see this-:
1- German and Dutch are clone languages, like with at least 90% similarity. But I like the former much more, so that's why I'm doing it! :love: I really adore Germany!
2- Same for Italian and Spanish... so I thought till I started french. So yeah, they're the indestructible trifecta of Romance languages, aptly named so. ;)

Anyway, that anecdote aside; let's start!PopcornTantrum 

1- John ; commonest name ever maybe :hmm:
English= John
French- Jean
German- Johann (sexiest version ever! :horny: )
Italian- Giovanni (yes, true)
Spanish- Juan

2- Frederick. Another cool name!
English= Frederick
Italian- Frederico
German- Friedrich
French- Frédérique

3- Peter; another common but cute name :)
English = Peter
French- Pierre (Thereby; Jean-Pierre= John-Peter)
German- Peter (pronounced Pay-ta)
Italian- Pietro
Spanish- Pedro

4- Michael; lots of cuties have this name! :love:
English= Michael
French- Michel (Michel Ancel- Rayman creator)
Russian- Mikhail/Mikael
German- Michael (pronounced Mi-sha-elle)

5- Elizabeth
English- Elizabeth

Dialect English*- Elspeth
German- Elisabeth :cries: (you know why)
Italian- Elisabetta

6- Francesca
English and Italian- Francesca
German- Franziska

7- Jane. Don't find this anymore?Confused
English= Jane
French- Jeanne
German- Johanna
Italian- Gina
Spanish- Juana

8- Ludwig
German & English- Ludwig
Italian- Ludovico

9- Nicholas
English= Nicholas
French- Nicolas
Italian- Nico
Russian- Nikolai
Serbian- Nikola (Tesla's name. Damn, 1/2 my life I thought he was a girl! :cries: )

10- Robert
English- Robert
German- Robert (pron. Ro-behrt)
Italian- Roberto

11- William
French- Guillaume
German- Wilhelm

12- Mary
French- Marie
German- Marie
Italian- Marianna
Spanish- Maria

13- Margaret
French- Marguerite
German- Margarethe
Italian- Margherita (yes, the pizza was named after the queen of Italy)
Spanish- Margarita

14- Gregory
German- Gregor
Italian- Gregorio
Russian- Grigori

15- Christopher (hottest name EVER!!)
French- Christophe
German- Kristoff/Christoph
Spanish- Cristobal
Polish- Kryzstof

Eh, I'm done. Have fun reading!

*- I don't know which dialect or even whether it is foreign English (aka American, Australian, etc.) And yes, it counts! :rage:

Plus, out of these gazillion languagues, I know these-:

English (DUH!!!!!!!)
French (Training in it. Cute language! :flirty: )
German- (Also in training, but 45% than my French. Cutest language EVER!!!! Innocent )
Japanese- Pretty fluent, but have more to learn.

Okay then, have fun! Peace out!


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