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Ahh, I felt great! So hey guys! :wave: With all the writer's clock/ birthday frenzy now at its end, I thought of dispensing my ever imminent knowledge to you guys, because-:

a) I need to keep in touch with my language; 2 years since I learned
b) I love you guys! :dance:

So, without further ado, I shall present to you the next particle...

:clap: :clap: :clap:

We have learned 3 by now; は、か、の. Now, you may wonder.. what on earth is に useful for? :? Well, this is SUPER useful in telling people where you are/were/will be, etc. Also can be used for things.

:iconbummy3:ここ、そこ& あの:iconbummy3:

Remember the other words?これ、その、etc? ;) Now we have 3 more additions! Yayyy!! :iconcheerplz: Aww, I know you'd be pissed. :( I have a guide to help you =p -:

これ、それ、あれ- Nonliving subjects. :icondividerplz:

この、その、あの- Living subjects :iconnaturedivider3plz:

ここ、そこ、 あそこ PLACES!!! :iconcityplz:

See the new word out of the 3? :p あそこ, NOT あこ!! It means 'over there!' Get that very clear :iconawwplz:

Much later.... :iconredroseplz:あります:iconredroseplz:
Read these simple lines-:


Admitted, all of the particles are not understandable ^^; We need more time... anyway, noticed how に was used to answer the question 'where'? ここにとうきょうがいます。 そこにおさかがいます。 That is its use :D

:#1: Particle に is that which is used to emphasize position. It tells us where an object/thing is, aka a determiner. :#1:

Now about あります。。。

:iconblueroseplz: あります と います:iconblueroseplz:

These 2 words are standbys for です。 It is ONLY used in context for に, because it does not mean IS, it means 'HAS'. remember that! :eager: Only used with ここ、そこ、あそこ. More facts-:

All 3 placement articles (ここ、そこ、あそこ) can be used either for living/non living things, so you can  say
ここにうさげいます :iconbunniesplz:- Here is a rabbit/bunny.


ここにじてんしゃあります. Here is a bicycle.

BUT.. you CANNOT interchange  あります and います. Why? Because...

ここにうさげいます :iconbunniesplz:



See the drift? :D います= alive あります= our creation. :iconcheerplz: Now, more to get...

:iconyellowroseplz::iconyellowroseplz: Difference between です and ありますす:iconyellowroseplz::iconyellowroseplz:

This stuff pissed me off for months! :shakefist: Now the first thing you should know isです= IS and あります= HAS. These make the words ENTIRELY different! :shakefist: It's a common blunder in languages, so no pressure, but all the same; useful.

あります/います is only used when you use the words ここ/そこ/あそこに... NOWHERE ELSE!! :eager:

With that cleared up, I will conclude this lesson with a few finer points :aww:

に is used for every preposition. A few-:

そぼ- next to
うしろ- behind
となり- near
なか- inside

Sentence structure goes like this-:

ここ/そこ/あそこ- Subject-に-Object-がーあります


The other particle will be soon illustrated for you to understand better. :aww: Oh, BTW-: *に also means 'inside'. You can replace なか with it anytime, no worries :D

This will be long, so I must make a 2nd bit. All the same, have fun with your learning! :wave:
19th Birthday Calendar by AbstractWater
19th Birthday Calendar
For a friend Every fave craft of mine in 1!! >u<

(Paper making, sewing, flower pressing, writing, glitter!)
Today I become 18!! :love: :squee: :icontearyguyplz: I hope you guys remembered :saddummy: What I want this year is just love and gifts. So, if you can, please give points! :D :flirty:

Yay adulthood!

Thanks :)

Ich ;)
Today I become 18!! :love: :squee: :icontearyguyplz: I hope you guys remembered :saddummy: What I want this year is just love and gifts. So, if you can, please give points! :D :flirty:

Yay adulthood!

Thanks :)

Ich ;)


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