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War die vorherigen Lektion einfach? Ich hoffe so! :innocent: Ah, dann; wir sollen gehen! :B Nun weißt du die Wörter für Nicht Lebewesen.. so siehst du die nächste Teil..... und ich klinge sehr verdammten blöd :ashamed:

Eine Zusammenfassung-:
これ- Es, hier
それ- Es, da
あれ- Es, weg

Diese Pronomen sind benutzt nur für nicht Lebewesen und das ist so. Nun, für andere Schönheiten der Welt; Lebewesen, Natur, süße, kleine Haustier mit Diamant-Augen dass glänzen wie Sternenlicht... du weißt was meine ich, nein?

:iconrose4plz: :iconlabradorplz: :iconrose4plz:

Süüüßß!!! :iconiloveyouplz:

Unsere ideale Wörter sind dieser; :airborne: この、その und あの :airborne:

Die Meinung ist GENAU wie die vorherigen Wörter, außer hier sind diese Wörter für Lebewesen benutzt.

この- Dies
その- Das
あの- Dass

:iconnaturedivider4plz: Hier der Satzbau anders ist-:

Verwirrt? :? Ich dachte so :no: :nod: Lies dieser Beispiele-:

このはなはひまわりです。- Diese Blume ist eine Sonnenblume. :iconsunflowerplz:

そのとりはあひるです。ー Dieser Vogel ist eine Ente. :iconducklingplz:

あのひとはさかきーさんです。ー Dass Person dort, ist Sakaki-san. :iconfrauplz:

(Ja ich weiß, die Deutsche Grammatik hier ist nicht wahr, aber wirklich; wie kann ich es erklären? Deutsch ist meine Dritte Sprache und meine zweite Fremdsprache! :stare: )

Eh, vergiss das! In jeden Beispiel; siehst du ein Schema? :sherlock: Genau; die Lebewesen Klasse steht hier erste und dann die Subjekt, wie-:

この、その、あのーLebwesen-は- Subjekt- です。

Benutzt du dieser Prinzip hier-:

そのーどうぶつーはーそうーです。 :iconelephantplz:

Das- Tier- ist- ein- Elefant

Pronomen- Klasse- はー Subjekt- です.

Einfacher? TOLL!!! :highfive: :happybounce:

Für mehr zu verstehen, lies diese Beispiele-:

このおとこのひとはちちです。- Dieser Mann ist ein Vater. :iconbishonenplz: Was?? :disbelief:

そのひとはしょうじょです。 Das Person ist ein Mädchen. ...................  :iconpeachplz:

あのむしはちょうちょうです。- Dass Insekt ist ein Schmetterling.........
:iconflowerplz: :iconflowerplz:


:nod: Eigentlich, kann man diese Pronomen auch für nicht Lebewesen benutzen, gemeinsamer Satzbau, aber du kannst NICHT これ、それ、あれ für Lebewesen benutzen. Vergiss NICHT!! :eager:

:#1:Und erinnerst dich für IMMER- Lebewesen kann man NUR この、その und あの benutzen. VERGISS NICHT!!!!!!!!! :eager: :#1:

Die letzte Zusammenfassung-:

このはなはさくらです。 Diese Blume ist eine Kirschblüte/Sakura :iconcherryblossomplz:

そのはなはゆりです。- Diese Blume da ist eine Lilie. :iconpinklilyplz:

あのはなはなでしこです。 Diese Blume dass steht dort ist ein Dianthus. :iconnadeshikoplz:

Falsche Bild, tut mir Leid^^;

Eh, dass ist vorbei. Viel Spaß bis nächste mal
Grunde Pronomen im Japanisch-: zweite
Hatte die vorherigen Lektion dir gefällt? Dann mach ruhig und lies den nächsten Teil! :aww:
Guys, for those interested in the Japanese stuff, read the article I write... shit I am advertising :disbelief:, but I'm doing this because most of you like Japanese language. :iconawwplz: Oh, I even wrote the tutorials for Hiragana script too; look in my text and tutorial folder. Thanks! :hug:
I'm sure you'd have come across these names in some point of your life, especially if you watch TV :popcorn: Now; some of these are pretty common, or.. when the real meaning comes out... pretty dumb/ unsurprising :no :facepalm: So, if yo want to know, go ahead! :aww:


Pps, I find the words 'varning' (Swedish for warning) creepy. Do not ask :fear:

Names & Surnames- :clap: :bow:


1 -kar. This is actually a suffix. For those curious; there are many surnames that end like this- Dabholkar, Tendulkar, etc. 'kar' means of. Eg-: If I were from this place called 'x' (an example) My surname could be 'xkar'. Found in Maharashtra, and I personally love those surnames :aww:

1- Bauer- Most common surname  ever! It means farmer, and still holds this meaning. Meaning the protagonist of 24 has agricultural roots.. no I was not punning, or even trying :blush:
2- Donner- Think of anyone you know with such a surname. Louis Donner :fear: Lauren Shuler Donner (X-Men producer; oh and btw- schuler= school student). Means 'thunder' and is one of the coolest names ever :love:! Also the name of a reindeer of Santa's sleigh... and paired with Blitzen (blitz= lightning)
3- -berg- Mostly found at the end of surnames. This means mountain. Think of all the surnames you could remember with this suffix-:
Steinberg- Stone mountain
Eisenberg- Iron Mountain (pretty badass if you ask me :8-):
Heidelberg- Huckleberry mountain YUMMMM!!!!! :drool: :dead:
Zuckerberg.... Sugar mountain?!  :o (zucker= sugar) CURSE YOU! The more we know..... :no:
4- Berger- Based on the third explanation, a 'berger' is a mountain dweller. NOT a food! Roll Eyes
5- -Mann- Also super common, the suffix 'mann' means 'Man'. Mann in German means man, and is a pretty hot word Wink/Razz . So, think of some names....
Kuhlmann- 'Cool' Man
Bachmann- Brook Man
Lehmann- I'm guessing teacher, because Lehrer= teacher. I don't really know, sorry I am a dummy!
Liedermann- Singer/ musician (only logical; lied= song Yawn )
Wassermann- Water Man.... oh wait.... this is German for Aquarius! Nana, look what I have and you dont! 

These surnames are still pretty popular; of sorts. How?
Coleman- once Kuhlmann
Bachman- once Bachmann
Lehman- once Lehmann

Get the drift? :p

6- Stein- Also so used.....!!! It names 'stone'. It is also used as a single surname... and 'Steyn' is derived from here; so is the surname 'Stone'. :aww: Think of these surnames-:
Edelstein- Noble Stone
Epstein- Beatles' manager's surname. No seriously, I don't know what it means. Boing! Boing! (I think here it is pronounced 'steen', not 'stine')
Einstein- One stone. Yes, you read right. ONE STONE!!! Oh Noes!

7- Majority of the surnames ending in '-er'.- Does not apply for all, but the Germanic ones usually mean 'doer'.;
Bauer- Farmer
Berger- Mountain Dweller
Lieber- literally means preferably, but also means 'lover' in this case (Stan Lee's real name was Stanley Lieber... food for thought)Greetings 
Bürger- Citizen (Not much of a surname, but do NOT confuse it with 'burger'.)
Kleiner- small/smaller (yes, this is a surname) ^^; SO Calvin Klein..... :lol: :giggle: :evillaugh:

8- Schmidt- I'm guessing the whole western world has an equivalent for this.Woohooooo!  Schmidt= 'smith' like blacksmith, goldsmith, etc.
9-  Schumacher- Aww come on, do I even have to explain?! Means cobbler; more specifically 'shoemaker' and still used today Singing (Schuhmacher- shoemaker; schuh= shoe (I am a dummy! ) macher= maker)
10- 'Von'....- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was conferred the title 'von' as a German knighthood, but 'von' actually means from. So Ludwig von Drake's name means Ludwig from Drake. Weird Disbelief

Stupid ones-;
Montag- means Monday. SO yes; I dislike Heidi Montag for her stupid surname. Sounds pretty, but makes little sense :facepalm:

I'm probably still missing many.... but till later :p

Yamashita (山下)- Foot of the mountain dwellers (yama- mountain; shita- under, below, down)
Yamanaka (山中)- Dwellers in the mountain (naka= inside)
Yamano (山の)- Dwellers of he mountain (no= particle indicating possession)
Any surname ending in 'kawa' or ''gawa'- Someplace with a river (川ーriver)
Any surname ending with 'moto'- Source/ original (本ーsource)
Hayashi- (林)- Forest
An surname ending with 'no'- Of something. Used same way as 'von'
Any surname ending with 'mura'- village in someplace; eg-: Nakamura= inside the village; Sawamura- village of the valley. (村ーvillage)

Now... for names!!!! :happybounce: Huggle! Bored

Sakura- Cherry blossom
Sango- Coral
Any name ending in 'ko'- Child of something
Ayame- Iris
Mikan- Orange; specifically tangerine
Haru- Spring
Natsu- Summer
Aki- Autumn
Fuyu- Winter
Tsuyu- Monsoon
Ame- Rain
Yuki- Snow
Hana- Flower
Kin- Gold
Momo- Peach
Chika- Friendly (only used as a name)
Chiyo- Sparkles
Yasashi- Friendly
Hotaru- firefly
Tsuki- Moon
Setsu- Season
Kyoko- Child of today/ mirror

Anime/Manga names-:

Kagami- Mirror
Ichigo- Strawberry
Tenten- Inverted comma shaped accent marks used to make a letter sound heavier. Also known as 'dakuten'
Shippo- Tail
Usagi- Rabbit
Usui (surname)- Faint
Takumi- skilled, workman, idea
Goku- Country (also known as 'koku')
Gohan- Rice/ meal (asagohan- breakfast)
Nagisa- Seashore; beachfront
Aoi- Blue
Akai- Red
Midori- Green
Honoka- Stupid; faint(not written this way as a kanji for names, but... I hated Honoka from Maid Sama even mroe than Usui!! :iconfuryplz: :rage: :x)
Hinata- Sunny place
Hanabi- fireworks (Hana= flower, bi=fire)
Misaki- a type of tree
Suzuka (Shortened version of suzukaze= spring wind)
Nadeshiko; also Yamatonadeshiko- Dianthus
Higashino- Of the east
Arashi- Storm
Umi- Sea
Ashita- tomorrow
Sawa- Valley
Sora- Sky
Nezumi- Rat (Kitaro fans will know :) )
Shusui- Based on the kanji 秋、水 I'm guessing it means Autumnal water.. or just waterfall :shrug:
Koichi- First child; literally (子ーchild いちーone)
Ageha- Swallowtail butterfly
Chocho- Butterfly
Jin- Person (Jinsei= life, gaijin= foreigner)
Hinagiku- Daisy

Yeah.... that's about it. I'm missing an incredible amount, I know... but this much is enough anyway. I'll get back to you later. Happy trails! ;)


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